Kitchen Renovation Weekend #8

Geez! When are we going to finish this kitchen?!?! It feels like it’s taking forever!

The weekend before last (Jan15th) we we finished up most of the flooring. Just one row left! Too bad it’s the hardest row since you have to cut every piece of laminate lengthwise…which is why we still haven’t finished. Boo.

Last weekend we hit up Ikea and bought the EXPEDIT bookcase in white. We decided to use this for shelving in our pantry instead of building shelving or buying cheap looking wire shelving. And I have to tell you, it looks AWESOME! I painted the wall behind the bookcase a butter cream color (so pretty!) and then loaded it up with food, paper towels, dishes, bake wear, and all the other crap I haven’t been able to unpack since we’ve moved because I have a ridiculous amount of that kind of stuff and not enough storage! 🙂

Anyway, here’s some pics!

Stocked up! 

Pretty yellow! 
6 foot tall by 6 foot wide.  
The redneck way we’re venting our dryer. 🙂 Gotta call the heating and air specialist soon! 
New tablecloth! 
Kitchen with the pretty new flooring. 
Other view…man we’ve got to get the ceiling painted. It’s ugly!  
Still needs lots of work!

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