Kitchen Renovation Weekend #7

WOW!!! Look at my new stainless appliances and my beautiful granite! I feel like a rich person! ๐Ÿ™‚

So after a month and a half, I finally have a functional kitchen. It’s still not pretty (LOTS of work left to do) but at least I can cook again. Which will be great for my waistline – I’ve gained WAY too much weight eating out so much!

Still left to do:
Trim (near the ceiling and under the upper cabinets)
Go to Ikea to pick up the 2 drawers they didn’t have in stock when we first got our cabinets (where the blue tub is sitting in the picture)
Drywall & paint around window
Replace trim around window
Repair/paint the ceiling

Uggg – the To-Do List really points out how much more we have left to do…one of these days we’ll get it finished!

Oh, and P.S. – installing all the appliances, adding a new electric outlet and moving the electric work for the dryer only cost us $140! Def keeping the contact info for this electrician! Super affordable!

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