Kitchen Renovation – Weekend #4

We’re getting there!!!

This weekend, Josh and his dad hung all the cabinet frames.




The first cabinet frame going up!

The plumber came on Friday and fixed the plumbing for the sink and installed the new plumbing for the washing machine. Have I explained the issue with the washer and dryer? When we moved in, the hook up for the washer and dryer were in the basement. And the basement freaked me out. So Hubby and I came up with a solution for that chore – he would take the laundry down to the basement, wash it, dry it, and bring it up. Then I would fold/hang and put away all the clothes. It was a good system…usually. Sometimes he’d wait until 9pm on Sunday to do the laundry. And there is no way I’m folding and hanging up 4 loads of clothes that late at night on a Sunday!! And we figured once we decide to start a family, there’s no way we would be able to do all the extra laundry with the washer and dryer in the basement. So, we built the walk-in pantry/laundry room off of the kitchen.

And last Saturday night, after Josh and his dad had brought up the washer and hooked it up, I did my first load of laundry in almost 2 years!!! I almost didn’t remember how to use the washing machine! Ha!

The electrician came out on Saturday to give me a quote to do the electric work for the dryer. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that you have to have a heating and air specialist vent the dryer. Argh. Another contractor for me to deal with! Who knows when will be able to bring up the dryer. So even though we can wash our clothes upstairs, Josh will still have to take them down to the basement to dry them for the time being. Blah.

Next weekend, the boys will be hanging the doors and cover panels on the cabinet frames – see Josh modeling one of the frosted glass doors below – he’s so cute!

The granite company is coming next week to measure for the template. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to install the granite until the 13th! Which means we won’t have a sink in the kitchen until then either…

But it’s so exciting to see the progress. And my father-in-law has been awesome. The hubs and I def want to get him something great for Christmas to thank him for helping us.

As for the rest of the weekend – Friday night I met some friends at Leon’s in downtown Decatur. All I have to say is YUM! I can’t wait to go back with Josh (he had to work late Friday night…boo).

We got the “Bacon in a Glass” with a side of peanut butter dipping sauce. (It was GOOD – don’t knock it til you try it!)

Then I got some “pub frites” (which I’ve been dying to try!) with the garlic aioli and the goat cheese fondue dipping sauces – plus one more sauce that I didn’t order and couldn’t figure out what it was…but it was good! Mmmmm! And I got some meatballs. Which don’t really go with fries…but they sounded so good that I had to get them.

Saturday evening, my friend Veena hosted a girly tea party – complete with a tea set, scones, and tea sandwiches! It was super fun!

I’m sooooo excited for Thanksgiving break – 2 days off from work! Woo hoo!

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One Reply to “Kitchen Renovation – Weekend #4”

  1. Wow! That's so exciting…can't wait to see more progress. = )

    As for shutters, we hung them ourselves and they were pretty easy. However, I have no idea how to hang them on brick!!! (We have siding and asbestos shingles…the shingles were a pain, but probably not as hard as brick!)

    Good luck with your renovations! & Happy Thanksgiving!

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