I wish WebEx was my ex.

This week has been loooong…. We had 4 large meetings planned (2 software and 2 hardware reviews, which means something totally different in the theme park industry than it does in IT). And each one of those meetings required the use of WebEx. My boss wanted me to run the WebEx presentations for two of those meetings. This means that I had to sit at my desk for 2 hours each day, mindlessly switching the slides of a PowerPoint and changing tabs to show different presentations. I didn’t have anything to contribute to the meetings, the stuff presented wasn’t anything I really needed to know, and since I had to click a button on the command, “Next slide, Holly” it wasn’t like I could multi-task during the meetings. So yes, those 4 hours were very, VERY boring. Plus I’ve had a lot of other mindless work this week to complete (including over 40 credit card charges to reconcile from my boss’s 6 business trips-yuck!). I am SO ready for this weekend.

On a separate subject, I would like to celebrate the purchase of my first bikini since high school!!!
It looks…alright on me. I wish I could lose about 10 more pounds before Jamaica. Then I’d really be comfortable smokin in the suit!! But I have lost 10 pounds since last summer, and I think I can pull of a bikini. Plus I am running out of summers to wear a bikini. My husband and I have been discussing when we would like to start a family and I know I won’t be wearing any bikinis after being pregnant!
Lastly, I would like to ask for prayers for some girls I met last night. I decided to volunteer for my church’s Wednesday night teen ministry. The girls I met came from very rough backgrounds and very broken families. One girl spoke of how she cut herself. My heart goes out to them and I ask God to make himself present in their lives so they will know that they are loved. I am looking forward to going back next week. I will admit that I was super uncomfortable, I had no idea what to say to the teens, or how to interact with them. But I am sure if I keep going, I can help. Hopefully I’ll make a difference.
Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!

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