I love you like pickles and chocolate milk

No I’m not pregnant.

But I do like pickles with a glass of chocolate milk. Something about the combo of sweet and sour – yum! I think my mom ate pickles and chocolate ice cream when she was pregnant with me…maybe that explains it.

Anyways, last night I went to Taco Mac for dinner with the hubs and some friends. (French fries and homemade ranch…yum….) I was saving my pickle until the end of the meal and when I was finally ready to eat it, I went to pick it up……………and I dropped the WHOLE pickle on the floor!!! I didn’t even get one bite! 🙁

I. Was. Devastated.

“MY PICKLE!!!” 🙁 *sniff*

Well, life went on and we started talking about other stuff and having a good time.

But then the waiter came over. And my SWEET hubby asked him to bring me another pickle! I mean, he just asked him! Without me even saying anything or telling him I wanted another pickle – nothing!!!

It was so sweet! I almost cried!!

And the waiter was so nice that he brought us all another pickle.

I love pickles…but I love my hubby more!

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