I found out yesterday………I got my job! I’m so happy. Of course, now the real work starts. 🙂

I did have to negotiate salary. The negotiating process was terrible. I felt so awkward and I was so mad with the first offer (it was REALLY low compared to what I saw on the job posting on Careerbuilder). I was worried that when I spoke, I wouldn’t sound calm and professional. But I was able to make them come up a bit. Still not as much as I wanted, but enough to be happy with. And compared to what I made before I was laid off, I came out GOOD! 🙂 I am sooooooo proud of my negotiating skills. I really think being laid off was the best thing ever for me. It got me out of a job I hated and taught me to not be so loyal to a company, to not take the first offer, and to have more confidence in myself. I love this new job AND I am finally making more than I would be teaching. So I can throw away my teaching certificate…if I knew where it was. 🙂