Hi New Baby!

Hey there new baby! Sorry I haven’t written to you yet. I hope you don’t suffer too much from “second child syndrome.” You just came as a surprise and it’s taken me a while to process the fact that I’m pregnant again. But I’m so excited-can’t wait to meet you. I wonder if you’ll surprise us a lot once you’re here-maybe it will be your theme? I am so impatient to meet you and to find out who you are. Girl or boy? Laid back or feisty? Loud or quiet? 


I can’t wait for you to meet your brother Graham. I know you two are going to be best friends! I’m looking forward to watching you play and grow together. 

I hope I’ll be a better mom this time around-now that I’ve got some experience under my belt. There are a few things I know I already want to do differently. 
Sweet baby-I can’t wait to meet you! 

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