Graham is (was) 11 months!

Dear Graham,

You’re actually 13 months! Where has the time gone?! Here is your 11 month post.

You’ve been on the move. Crawling, pulling up and cruising all over the place. You love to walk back and forth holding onto the couch. And we take laps around the house with you holding my hands. If I try to let go with one hand, you stop and squat. You’re not brave enough yet to try it one-handed.

You are absolutely in love with Lacey and Jack. They, however, are not so enamored with you. They try to escape you by jumping on the couch, but you just pull up and reach over to get them. You love touching Lacey’s feet and letting her lick you in the face. (Gross.) You actually lean over her with your mouth open until she licks you. I try to stop it, but I know she gets you when I’m not looking. Jack is still afraid of you and never lets you get close to him.

As far as sleeping goes, this month has been a roller coaster. But I can say now that we’re back on track and you are consistently sleeping through the night once again.

You’re rocking your 12 month clothes and are in size 4 diapers. We’re doing 3-4 bottles a day of formula. And you’ve been eating any food you can get your hands on.

I gave you some mac and cheese and the first time you had it you loved it. Ever since then you haven’t liked it. I think we need a maternity test. Not sure you’re my son….


You ate an entire slice of pizza at Mellow Mushroom. Where are you’re putting all of that food?!

The sweet director of our local Mother’s Morning Out program let you start a month early. You go two mornings a week and you LOVE it! You never cry when I drop you off and couldn’t care less when I arrive to pick you up. All the other babies that cry must love their mommies more… Seriously though, I do wish you cared just a little bit when I left you. But it would break my heart if you cried, so I guess it’s a good thing you’re Mister Independent.

Love you so much big guy!


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