Graham is 7 months!

You’re almost 8 months old. That just seems soooo old to me. You’re not my little newborn anymore!
This month your personality is really coming out – you are staring to love on us and talk a lot!
You can say “Dada”, “Mama” (yay!) and “Nana.” I think you’ve said “Hey” too. Not that you know what any of that means, but it sure is cute when you talk! And you’ve started waving. You’ll wave, then clap, wave, then clap. I love it!
Saying “Mama” —
(And growling a little bit there at the end. He learned that from Jack.) 🙂
Saying “Dada” —
It’s the cutest thing EVER when you give us kisses. You’ll reach out your arms towards my face and open your mouth. So sweet! You also headbutt us – we think that’s another way of you giving kisses.
You are way more aware of your surroundings. If you see something that you want – you fuss until you get it. I haven’t let you hold my phone yet because I know if I let you have it once, it’ll be yours from here on out!
Lots of firsts this month too!
First time on the top of Stone Mountain. (We rode the Skyride up – we didn’t brave the hike with you.)
First ride in your big boy stroller.
First time feeding yourself a bottle. Man, it’s going to be awesome
when we don’t have to feed you anymore. But I’m sure I’ll miss the snuggles…
You’re really interested in Lacey and Jack now. You love petting them!
Trying peas. You are NOT a fan.
You are sitting up like a rock star. And you can play by yourself for a pretty long time.
Still no signs of crawling, but I am just fine with that. 
First trip to Dollywood. We spent a long weekend in Pigeon Forge.
You were awesome the entire trip. It was a blast!
Best. Photo. Ever!
My little hillbilly baby.

Happy 7 months baby Graham!
Now quit growing up so fast!

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