Graham is 5 months!

Mr. Graham – you’re 5 months old! Wow – I can’t believe you’ve been here almost half a year. That’s just crazy – you were just in my belly!
You really love to play these days. I bought you an exosaucer from a consignment sale and you love it! Especially the little green frog – I think you two are best friends.
Now that you’re moving around so much, Lacey and Jack have been super interested in you. There’s been lots of sniffing going on and they’re always trying to sneak a lick when I’m not paying attention.
Must be something in that diaper!
 We’ve started feeding you some pureed food. First up was rice cereal – per your doctor’s request. You tolerated that. Then we tried some sweet potatoes which you seem to enjoy. Avocados were next and you were not a fan. Then we tried bananas – you loved them! (We waited the recommended 4 days in between each food to make sure you’re not allergic. So far so good!)


You’re super smiley and super giggly. It’s so much fun making you cackle! We have too many adorable videos on our phones of you laughing. Your daddy and I sound ridiculous on the videos, but we’ll do anything to make you laugh!


We tried the johnny jumper this month too, but I’m not sure you get the hang of it yet. 🙂


You’re still in 3-6 months clothes and wearing size 2 diapers, but I think we’re ready for size 3. This time I’m going to stock up early-on so I don’t have to swing by Target to pick up diapers every week.


You still eat 4-5 bottles a day of 6oz of formula. Sadly this month you decided you were too impatient to breastfeed before your bottles. After 2 weeks of fighting with you to keep you on the breast and trying every tip I could find about nursing strikes, I decided that I needed to come to terms with the fact that you are done nursing. The only way you’ll nurse now is if we lay in the bed and do some skin-to-skin until you’re sleepy. Unfortunately, I can’t lay in bed with you all day! So I’ve become a full-time pumping mom. I’m going to pump until you’re at least 6 months, possibly longer. But my heart misses the sweet snuggling times we had when you were breastfeeding.



Baby Graham – you’re just so awesome. I love being your mama!

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