Graham is 10 months!

Graham – I can’t keep up with these posts! We’re busy planning for your first birthday party, which is a week away!

Here’s what’s new in your 10th month:

Crawling!!!!! Yes – you are mobile. And such a busy little guy! You’re getting into everything now. Keeping me on my toes.

You’ve started rolling around at night and now you love to sleep on your stomach.

We’ve cut back on the paci – you only use it at night.

You celebrated your first 4th of July.


You played with a play kitchen for the first time at your buddy Carter’s house. I know what you’re getting for Christmas. 🙂
You also had your first ride in the Ergo on my back. You liked being able to see better than when I wear you on the front.


You are trying your best to repeat words. At 10 months old you learned how to say teeth. We started brushing your teeth every night. You’ve got 8 of them now!

We’ve been saying colors and shapes to you and you’ve said “yellow” a couple of times. Your little voice is so cute.
You got your first pair of real shoes. You love your new kicks and have been trying to say “shoe.”


Getting you to go to sleep at night is becoming an issue. You can fight sleep like there’s no tomorrow! We’re trying some no-cry solutions, but they haven’t been very successful…
You love to eat and you love to feed us bites of your food. It cracks you up. You’re pretty much done with purees unless they’re in a pouch. I make a lot of finger foods for you (organic veggies, meat, cheese and fruit) and you’re also trying more and more of what we’re eating.
Still loving bath time, but now that you’ve learned to pull up, you’ve been trying to stand up in the tub. Slippery baby!

You’ve also been barking a lot – Lacey and Jack have taught you well. 🙂


 Love you, my Busy Boo. My little Mister Mister!

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