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Disney with a Toddler – 5 Things You May Not Have Thought to Pack

March 31, 2017

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Disney with a Toddler |

Planning a trip to Disney World with your toddlers?

We’ve been twice with our little ones and both times were great! I did SO MUCH research before we left to find out what we really needed to bring with us into the parks. There are so many lists out there on the internet and on Pinterest, but there were a few things I found helpful that I didn’t see on other lists. Here are 5 things you may not have thought of packing when doing Disney with a toddler.

1. Battery Powered Fan

The first time we took our son to Disney I was 5 months pregnant. We went in mid-May and it was already super hot in Florida. (There would have been no way I could’ve gone to Disney in the summer months while pregnant. I can’t handle that Florida heat!) I had packed a small, battery-powered fan, and it was a lifesaver not only for me, but our son ended up using it a ton, too. In fact, he loved it so much that we ended up buying him a clip-on stroller fan when we got home to use during the hot Atlanta summers.

disney with toddlers |

Diono Stroller Fan


2. Prunes

Trust me on this one. If you’ve got a potty-trained toddler, be warned that they may be too distracted and be having too much fun to stop and go potty when the urge arises. Before our last trip to Disney, I picked up a few of the prune flavored baby food pouches, hoping that they would help my son stay regular on our trip. I’m so glad we brought them! He’s prone to constipation and I knew that he’d be too excited at Disney to want to go potty.

disney with toddler |

Plum Organics Organic Baby Food Pouch


3. Silly Putty or Play-Doh

Waiting in line sucks. Waiting in line with two over-stimulated, tired, hot toddlers REALLY sucks. So make sure to use those Fast Passes wisely and bring a few small toys to pull out when you do end up waiting in a line. Our son is a huge sensory child. He loves water, sand, finger-paint, play-doh, silly putty – any kind of sensory play will keep him entertained. I picked up a couple of silly putty eggs to pack in our Disney book-bag. They came in handy when we were waiting in line and we also played with them in restaurants while waiting on our food. Definitely something worth throwing in your bag.

disney with toddler |

Silly Putty Variety Pack


4. Extra Ziploc bags

These are great and have so many uses. Kid pees their pants? Put those dirty underwear and shorts in a bag. Done playing in the splash pad? Put that wet swimsuit in a bag. Leftover food from a restaurant you think your kid might want to eat later for a snack? Throw it in a bag. Don’t want your phone to get wet on the water rides? Zip it up tight in a ziploc bag. I even found Disney printed ziploc bags at the Dollar Store!

disney with toddler |

Ziploc Freezer Bags


5. Lunch Box

It seems like a lot of people don’t know you can bring your own food into the Disney Parks. We brought our lunch each day to cut down on costs and so we could make sure the kids were getting at least a few healthy foods. Bringing a lunch box or bag is a great idea because you can stow it in the stroller and not have to carry it around all day in your backpack.

disney with toddler |

Rubbermaid Lunch Bag


We love Disney and are already saving up for our next trip!


Are you planning on taking your kids to Disney? What’s on your Disney packing list? Make sure to pin this post to your Disney Planning Pinterest board!!

Disney with a Toddler |


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