Dear Baby

Another post I wrote the day I found out I was pregnant. πŸ™‚


Dear Baby,

Today is the day I found out about you. I still can’t believe I’m pregnant!! I’ve been dreaming about this time in my life forever and now it’s here. Finally! I’m going to have a sweet little baby of my own to hold and cuddle and love. My mind’s been racing all day. Will you be a boy or a girl? Who will you look like? Will you love electronics and video games like Josh? Will you love cooking like me? Will you be creative? Will you be athletic? I know you’ll be smart. πŸ™‚ I hope you don’t have ADD like me. I hope you aren’t as shy as both me and your daddy.

Your daddy. Wow – it’s so awesome to call him that. Josh is going to be a daddy. He’s going to be an amazing daddy. I was so scared we wouldn’t be able to have children. That he wouldn’t have a chance to be a daddy. Let me tell you, Baby D. You’re getting the best daddy in the world. Josh is so sweet, kind and honest. He’s playful and lots of fun. And he’s so good with kids. You really lucked out having him for a dad.

As for me, I hope I’m a great mom. I’m creative and fun and caring. But I have my faults. I guess every parent worries that they’ll scar their children. But I want you to know – I promise I’ll do my best. I promise to take care of you and to love you and to try to make sure you have everything you want in life.

I hope you laugh all the time. I hope you’re goofy. I hope you smile lots. I hope you learn.

I can’t wait to see you on an ultrasound. I can’t wait to hear your heartbeat. I can’t wait to feel you kick.

Right now, you’re just a second tiny pink line on a pregnancy test. But soon, you’ll be a little baby. MY little baby!!!


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One Reply to “Dear Baby”

  1. Ok so I am sitting here crying like an idiot while reading this! You and Josh are going to be such wonderful parents! I am so excited for you and this amazing journey you are about to take! Being pregnant is such a gift and I miss it tremendously! I know you will savor every moment <3

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