Cradle Cap

Hoodies and hats are excellent at hiding yucky cradle cap. And they’re so cute!

Graham has had a terrible case of cradle cap since December. It’s just in one spot on his crown – but it’s pretty gross and scaly.  The week of Christmas we decided to try and break Graham of sleeping in his swaddle blanket. His cradle cap was pretty bad that week and he started scratching at it in the middle of the night. He woke us up crying – he had scratched it until it was bleeding! Poor little guy! (There’s nothing more scary than waking up in the middle of the night to your baby wailing and blood coming from his head.) After that episode, he went right back into the swaddle and is still in it now at 5 months.

He only scratches with his right hand, so sometimes I let him have his left hand free.
(This was on a day I had a hard time getting him to nap.
Hence the toy, the 2 pacifiers and the fact that he’s in our bed and not his crib.)

We’ve tried all the home remedies (olive oil, baby oil, fine tooth comb, soft bristle brush, toothbrush, head and shoulders shampoo, etc.) and finally got permission from our doctor to use some cortisone cream on it. But he STILL scratches it until it bleeds if we don’t keep a sock or glove on his right hand. (He usually has his left hand in his mouth so it’s always his right hand that’s doing the scratching.) Everyone keeps asking us if the glove is a tribute to Michael Jackson. Ha!

Trying on my new hat for the summer and…wearing a sock on my hand.

I’m scared to use too much cortisone since it’s a steroid. It just freaks me out to use a steroid so close to his brain!

We started using coconut oil on his head about 2 weeks ago. That’s really helped clear up the cradle cap. But he still scratches! Maybe it’s more of a comfort thing now? I’m going to talk to his doctor again about this at his 6 month appointment. We’re all so tired of cradle cap!

This photo has nothing to do with cradle cap.
It just cracks me up because it looks like Graham’s picking his nose! 🙂


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