Christmas Home Tour

Last weekend, I had some girlfriends over for our annual gift exchange. And, like I always do, I cleaned like a mad woman for HOURS before everyone arrived. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!)

I figured I should take advantage of my house being so clean and take some pictures of our Christmas decor for the old blog. I didn’t decorate as much as I’ve done in the past since we’ve been so busy this year, but I’m happy with how the few things I did decorate turned out.

Christmas Home Tour |

Christmas Home Tour |

Christmas Home Tour |

Our tree is a mixture of homemade ornaments and store bought. And I’m on team colored lights!
Christmas Home Tour |
Love all our Disney ornaments. We purchase a few new ones each time we go.
Christmas Home Tour |
My mom got us this ornament the year we got married. It’s one of my favorites!
Christmas Home Tour |
This one is from our trip to Disney back in February.
Christmas Home Tour |
Our vintage advent calendar. It’s the one I grew up with!
Christmas Home Tour |
You can’t even really see all the gross stains on our white chairs in this picture. (Don’t buy white furniture if you’re ever planning on having kids.)
Christmas Home Tour |

Christmas Home Tour |
Hot chocolate bar!

Christmas Home Tour |

The gift exchange was so fun – it was great seeing all of my girlfriends and their cute kiddos!

Do you go all out for Christmas and deck your halls?

Our Halloween Traditions and a Spooky Halloween Lasagna

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up, carving pumpkins, taking the kids trick-or-treating, and making fun Halloween-themed snacks and crafts.

Our Halloween Traditions and a Spooky Halloween Lasagna | | halloween party | oreo eyeball truffles

However, I’m not a big fan of scary movies or haunted houses. I’m such a scaredy-cat! Although believe it or not, Josh and I saw The Ring on our first date back in 2002. Soooo creepy! (The movie, not our first date. Ha!)

Before we had kids, we’d always either dress up and go out bar-hopping, or host a small Scary-Movie-Night party at home with some friends. The past few years we’ve just had a couple of close friends over for a Halloween themed meal, and then headed out to trick-or-treat either in our neighborhood or at a local trunk-or-treat.

Here are a few pictures from Halloweens of the past:

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Jack-o’-lantern Pumpkin Pie for Halloween

Jack-o'-lantern Pumpkin Pie for Halloween | | jackolantern pie | halloween pie | halloween desserts | easy pie

You know when you want to make a pumpkin pie, so you go to the grocery store and buy everything you’ll need, except for a can of pumpkin because you’re positive you have one at home?

And then you get home and realize that cans of butternut squash look very similar to cans of pumpkin…


So full disclosure – this isn’t actually a picture of a pumpkin pie. It’s really half pumpkin and half butternut squash. *facepalm*

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Easy DIY Girls Weekend Gift

A few weekends ago I took off for a girls weekend with a few of my mom-friends. There’s nothing like a weekend away from your family where you can spend all your time…complaining about your family, right? Ha! Seriously though, when we weren’t talking about our kids or our husbands, we were sipping on wine and cocktails, playing board games and card games, snacking on junk food, and laughing the hours away! It was the best. A much needed break for all of us tired, worn out mamas.

Easy DIY Girls Weekend Gift | | girls trip | moms night out

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Tips for Your Child’s First Birthday Party

*This is a contributed post. I only accept contributed posts when I feel they can be relevant to the readers of Sunshine and Holly.*

A child’s first birthday is often an exciting occasion that parents will want to celebrate. While the little one isn’t going to remember the big day, moms and dads will want to make a fuss. In most instances, there’s no need to spend a ton of money. It’s much better to focus on spending quality time together as a family. Consider some of the ideas below when planning a first birthday celebration, and be sure to make the arrangements at least a month in advance to avoid disappointment.

Tips for Your Child's First Birthday Party |

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