5 Tips for Touring the Jack Daniel’s Distillery

If you’re a whiskey fan, you’ve got to take a trip to Lynchburg, Tennessee to visit the Jack Daniel’s Distillery.  Touring the distillery has always been on my husband’s bucket list, so on our way up to Nashville we had to stop by. The tour was super informative, and the whiskey tasting at the end was lots of fun!

Here are 5 tips for touring the Jack Daniels Distillery.

5 Tips for Touring the Jack Daniels Distillery | sunshineandholly.com


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The Best Places to take an Instagram-Worthy Picture in Nashville


The Best Places to take an Instagram-Worthy Picture in Nashville | sunshineandholly.com

Since I started blogging again, I’ve been looking at everything through a photographer’s eye. What would make an awesome picture for my blog and for Instagram? When we planned our little kid-free getaway to Nashville, I knew I had to scope out some great spots to take pictures. Nashville has plenty! All of the creativity in that town is amazing. We ended up finding so many, that I thought I’d make an entire post about it. So if you’re heading to Nashville anytime soon, grab your camera or your phone, and check out my top 5 best places to take an Instagram-worthy picture in Nashville. (With a few bonus spots included at the end!)

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Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful first Mother’s Day! We celebrated the whole weekend.

We had sushi.

Graham said he’d rather have giraffe legs instead of sushi. 🙂


We had crab legs.

If you’re ever in Atlanta, eat here. And then walk around here.
It’s even more fun if you have a few drinks with dinner and then walk around after dark.
I took Graham to meet some animals at a local farmyard.
Billy goat!
We went on the swing set.

I got a card and travel coffee mug with my sweet baby’s hand and feet prints.

Me and my Super-Graham!
We napped.


Be still my heart…so sweet!

Graham fed himself!

The hubby even helped me make a carrot cake. (I’ve been craving carrot cake recently!)

I LOVE being a mommy!

Now Josh is putting Graham to bed and I’m about to relax with a glass of wine, Game of Thrones and Mad Men.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies out there!

Graham is 7 months!

You’re almost 8 months old. That just seems soooo old to me. You’re not my little newborn anymore!
This month your personality is really coming out – you are staring to love on us and talk a lot!
You can say “Dada”, “Mama” (yay!) and “Nana.” I think you’ve said “Hey” too. Not that you know what any of that means, but it sure is cute when you talk! And you’ve started waving. You’ll wave, then clap, wave, then clap. I love it!
Saying “Mama” —
(And growling a little bit there at the end. He learned that from Jack.) 🙂
Saying “Dada” —
It’s the cutest thing EVER when you give us kisses. You’ll reach out your arms towards my face and open your mouth. So sweet! You also headbutt us – we think that’s another way of you giving kisses.
You are way more aware of your surroundings. If you see something that you want – you fuss until you get it. I haven’t let you hold my phone yet because I know if I let you have it once, it’ll be yours from here on out!
Lots of firsts this month too!
First time on the top of Stone Mountain. (We rode the Skyride up – we didn’t brave the hike with you.)
First ride in your big boy stroller.
First time feeding yourself a bottle. Man, it’s going to be awesome
when we don’t have to feed you anymore. But I’m sure I’ll miss the snuggles…
You’re really interested in Lacey and Jack now. You love petting them!
Trying peas. You are NOT a fan.
You are sitting up like a rock star. And you can play by yourself for a pretty long time.
Still no signs of crawling, but I am just fine with that. 
First trip to Dollywood. We spent a long weekend in Pigeon Forge.
You were awesome the entire trip. It was a blast!
Best. Photo. Ever!
My little hillbilly baby.

Happy 7 months baby Graham!
Now quit growing up so fast!

Viva Italia Day 11 and 12 – Venice


On the train ride to Venice, we sat next to some people from Little Rock, AR. They were complaining the whole time about their nannies! Rich people problems…

More Coke Light!

We were a little confused about how to get a ticket for the water bus when we got off the train in Venice. But we figured it out. It really is crazy to take a boat everywhere instead of a car! After we checked into the hotel, we walked around and found a place for lunch. I had pizza with huge chunks of parm cheese and arugula. (PS – Italians call arugula rocket. I should totally call it that from now on!) Josh got his spaghetti carbanara…again!


Our hotel was amazing – seriously. You could take a boat right up to the front door. So luxurious! I didn’t take any pics of the outside, so please click the link below and check it out. Beautiful!

Duodo Palace Hotel



 We had a short walking tour schedule for the next morning. We saw the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Cathedral. They were having mass, but we still got to go in. After that, we went to a fancy little local restaurant where we tried some traditional Venetian seafood dishes. We had an appetizer of salted fish – it had shrimp and sardines – the sardines were actually really good! Then Josh had salted cod with polenta. His dish was sooo yummy! Cooked perfectly and then pureed until the fish was creamy. I had rolled sea bass with tomatoes, capers, and arugula. It had a really tasty sauce on it too. For dessert, Josh and I shared a bowl of warm chocolate soup with gelato. Mmmm!

After that, we walked around and explored for a long time. Josh finally bought his Italia jacket that he was looking for the entire trip. I bought some tiny black and gold Murano glass earrings.

For dinner, we went back to the pizza place we had eaten at the day we arrived in Venice. (It was the most affordable place we could find.) Since it was our last night – we went all out! We got a bottle of merlot and later on, got a ½ bottle of the “vino della cassa.” (The house wine.) I had a capresse salad (mozzarella, tomatoes, and lettuce – not basil like I wanted – boo) and tortellini with ham and mushrooms. Josh had spaghetti “amatriciana” (spicy sauce). And after all of that? We also got a pizza with spicy salami. Hey – it was our last night after all!

After that, we got some gelato and watched people riding in the gondolas. Neither of us really had a desire to ride in one, so we skipped out on that. But it was fun to watch other people ride!

To get to the Venice airport, we splurged and rented a private water taxi to take us back to land where we caught a regular car taxi. We thought it would be an easy way to end the trip instead of trying to figure out the water buses and rail way. And since we didn’t ride a gondola, we figured it would be fun. I felt like a rich person when the taxi floated right up to the front door of our hotel and we stepped in. It had rich mahogany interior (Anchorman anyone?) and blue velvet cushioned seats. Very fancy! It was so much fun riding through Venice in such a fancy boat!

So to sum up our Italy vacation…


Everything went smoothly, surprisingly. Josh and I handled all of the uncertainties well – and we didn’t argue much, only a few times when we were trying to agree on where to eat. Ha! Our motto for the trip: “We’ll figure it out!” Any time we got stressed about what we needed to do (how to catch the water bus, how to get to the hotel from the rail station, directions to the meet up locations, etc.) we would just say, “We’ll figure it out!” And we did! I’m such a planner and a control freak, I was very proud of myself!

The food was amazing, the history was amazing, the wine was amazing – everything was even better than we expected. I’m so happy that we were able to take such an wonderful trip!