Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Muffins with Caramel Butter

Ok – I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret…I’m not the best baker. I can cook pretty well. But baking? Not my forte. Too much exact science, measuring, and worrying about altitude and weather. That’s all way too complicated for this #lazymom! But since I’ve had kids, I’ve had lots of practice making muffins. For some reason, muffins aren’t as intimidating to me. And my kid’s absolutely love muffins, so we try to make them at least once a week. Muffins are also the perfect snack to bring to playdates, or send in to a preschool bake sale. These whole wheat apple cinnamon muffins with caramel butter are a fall favorite in our house, and we can pretend they’re healthy since they include whole wheat flour, ground flax, and apples!

Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Muffins with Caramel Butter | sunshineandholly.com

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3 Tips for Your Kid’s First Haircut

Until Saturday, Maddie had never had a haircut. Well, except for that time she cut off a chunk of her hair when she was using kid scissors one afternoon. (Note to self – do not leave kids alone with scissors, even for a second!) But I knew her hair needed a good trim. It’s a lot like mine and starts to tangle easily when it needs a cut.

3 Tips for Your Kid's First Haircut | sunshineandholly.com

Maddie is almost 3, so she’s probably older than most kids are when they get their first haircut.  Graham got his haircut when he was one. I was just so hesitant to cut Maddie’s because I kept thinking about how those tiny curls at the bottom were her sweet little baby hairs that she’s had since she was born. Gah! Take me back please. Just for a while so I can snuggle them both.

3 Tips for Your Kid's First Haircut | sunshineandholly.com

Anyway, she did great and her hair looks super cute. If you’re ready to get your kiddo’s hair trimmed for the first time, keep reading. I’ve got 3 tips for your kid’s first haircut below.

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Tasty Treats to Whip Up When a Friend Comes Over

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There’s nothing better than eating good food with good friends, am I right? Before kids, Josh and I were always entertaining! We loved throwing dinner parties, cocktail hours, and seasonal parties. One year, my best friend Lauren and I threw an epic scary movie night for Halloween. These days, I mostly just host play dates and small groups from church. But I still love planning out snacks for my guests. If you’re looking for a few good recipes that will show your friends you care, here are a few ideas for tasty treats to whip up when a friend comes over. 

Tasty Treats to Whip Up When a Friend Comes Over | sunshineandholly.com

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Tips for Keeping in Touch With Elderly Relatives

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Getting older can be difficult. Loosing your independence, not being able to drive, aches and pains, and not being able to move around as easily – these can all be difficult things to accept. For this reason, many elderly people can get very lonely and feel isolated from loved ones. Life can be busy, and although we’re already juggling looking after children, work, hobbies, a social life and household duties, it’s so important to make time for our elderly loved ones. After all, these are the people that helped to raise us and make sure we were well looked after as children. Here are some of the ways you can stay in close contact with your elderly loved ones, and show them you care. 

Tips for Keeping in Touch With Elderly Relatives | sunshineandholly.com

Visit Them In Person

Planning to see your loved ones on a regular basis is something they are sure to appreciate. And don’t come empty handed! Bring them some groceries, flowers, or a home-cooked meal. Have your kids color or paint a picture. Or make them a cakeMy grandmother loves when we bring stacks of pictures for her to keep and look through once we’ve left. You can also help out with some cleaning, or other chores or tasks that might be difficult for them. This will show them how much you care. 

Tips for Keeping in Touch With Elderly Relatives | sunshineandholly.com
My kids with my 93-year-old Grandma. Isn’t she beautiful? You can’t tell by looking at Graham’s face in this picture, but he and Maddie both LOVE their Great-Grandma Lucy. It makes me so happy to see them all together.

Invite Them Out

As well as visiting them in their own home, getting elderly loved ones out of the house can be very beneficial for them too. We all get tired of hanging out around the house! You could set a date, whether it’s once a week or once a month, and do something special. Book a table at a restaurant, or cook a meal at your home. You could invite all other family members too, and make an occasion of it.

Send a Postcard

Sending a postcard doesn’t have to be something you do when you are away on a trip. Any picture can be transformed into a photo postcard these days just using an app. If you manage to snap a particularly good picture you know they will love, send it to their door with a nice message. It’s a sweet and thoughtful way to show them they’re on your mind. Super easy and inexpensive!

Teach Them How To Use The Internet

One of the best things you can do for elderly loved ones these days is to teach them how to use the internet. You could set up Skypeso they can video call family. You can show them how to send emails, and set up social media sites for them. Being able to keep up to date with what everyone in the family is doing helps them to stay far more connected. While this shouldn’t be the only way you keep in contact, it can be useful for them day to day, especially when they aren’t able to get out and about as much as they once did.


How do you make sure elderly loved ones don’t get lonely and isolated, even when your own life gets busy?


A Tale of Two Temperaments

I’ve mentioned before how my children are so different. Complete opposites in a lot of respects. Graham can chow down on some food. Maddie eats like a bird. Graham isn’t affectionate at all. Maddie would crawl back inside of me if she could. Graham loves building things. Maddie loves active play. Graham loves super heros. Maddie loves princesses.

A Tale of Two Temperaments | sunshineandholly.com

They’re also so different when it comes to discipline. Graham has so many wonderful traits, and he’s truly an amazing kid. But he is also the most stubborn, manipulative, and argumentative kid I’ve ever met! Needless to say, we’ve tried any and all discipline tactics with him and have finally settled on a few that work…most of the time. I am mentally exhausted every day trying to get him to do what he needs to do. Maddie is a people-pleaser, and already very empathetic. It doesn’t take much to get her to obey. 

A Tale of Two Temperaments | sunshineandholly.com

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