Tips for Your Child’s First Birthday Party

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A child’s first birthday is often an exciting occasion that parents will want to celebrate. While the little one isn’t going to remember the big day, moms and dads will want to make a fuss. In most instances, there’s no need to spend a ton of money. It’s much better to focus on spending quality time together as a family. Consider some of the ideas below when planning a first birthday celebration, and be sure to make the arrangements at least a month in advance to avoid disappointment.

Tips for Your Child's First Birthday Party |

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A Mermaid Pirate Birthday Party

Mermaid Pirate Birthday Party | | themed joint party

Both of my kiddos were born in September, so we’re going to try to do joint parties for them for as long as possible. A two-for-one deal! For their last birthday, we did a Mermaid and Pirate theme. There are so many adorable ideas on Pinterest for a mermaid pirate birthday party and I went all out with the theme for the food and decorations!

Mermaid Pirate Birthday Party |

The invitations were made by PixelPerfectionParty. So cute!


Mermaid Pirate Birthday Party |

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