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When I started blogging I knew that one day I wanted to be a mommy blogger. And do those cute month posts for my baby. And document our life so I could always remember those sweet baby days…

Yeah….obviously THAT didn’t happen! Blogging def took a back burner once Graham arrived.

He came so early. Then we had a week in the NICU. Then we had breastfeeding issues. Then I was dreading going back to work. Then I quit my job. Then I went back to work part-time. Then I struggled with some postpartum depression…

Now I FINALLY feel a little bit better. My life has settled down. Graham and I have gotten into the swing of things. We have somewhat of a schedule each day.

So I hope…no – I promise myself I will be a better blogger. I want to document this time of my life. Graham is so adorable right now and does something cute and new every day. I don’t want to forget this stuff!


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