Baby D.’s Gender Reveal Party!

Homemade gender reveal cupcakes. They’re actually much easier to make than you’d think!

Last Sunday, we had one of those popular “gender reveal” parties. And if you know me, I’m all about announcing things in a fun and creative way! If you couldn’t tell from this post and this post. 🙂
Lots of blue and pink decorations!

More decorations!

The cupcakes. Everyone was dying to know what color filling was on the inside!


The old wives tales make it seem like it’d be a girl.

Team Boy! And I’m still not sure how everyone knew!

Team Girl!
And here are the reactions. First up, Josh’s mom and dad:

“Are we ready?”


“What color is it?”

“Blue!! I knew it!”
 And my parent’s reactions: 

My dad is totally trying to sneak a peek here. 🙂


My mom sees blue and is looking at me totally surprised. I think my dad is either in shock, or still trying to figure out what color is inside. 🙂

Then my dad starts smiling! “It’s a boy!”

And a few more candids from the party:
Josh with my good friend Kara’s sweet baby girl.

My cute niece!

Lauren and my niece. 🙂

Josh and my older niece dancing!

Happy parents-to-be!

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