The Local Dish – 10 Great Restaurants Around Atlanta

I love living in Atlanta! There’s always something to do and somewhere yummy to eat. Before kids, Josh and I loved trying out new restaurants all over town. Now, we tend to stick with places closer to home that are kid friendly. But when the rare date night pops up, you better believe we head out to one of our favorite places, or pick somewhere new to try!

The Local Dish - 10 Great Restaurants Around Atlanta | | Atlanta Georgia | eats | where to eat

There are so many amazing restaurants around Atlanta, and it would be hard to pick a top 10. But here’s a list of a few of my favorites that you should try.

The Local Dish - 10 Great Restaurants Around Atlanta | | Atlanta Georgia | eats | where to eat

The Local Dish – 10 Great Restaurants Around Atlanta

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10 Stupid Things I’ve Done Because of Mom-Brain

This post was sponsored by STL Locksmiths, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Mom-brain is totally a thing. After 9 months of growing a person inside of you, then pushing this watermelon-sized person out of your most delicate area, and then not sleeping more than 3 hours at a time for 6+ months, your brain starts to exhibit some wear and tear. I actually used to be an intelligent woman. I have a Bachelors and a Masters degree. But I swear my 2 children have sucked all the brain-cells out of my head. God knows what’s left in there. I’m picturing some sort of shriveled up raisin.

#ad 10 Stupid Things I've Done Because of Mom-Brain | | motherhood humor | mom life

Here are 10 stupid things I’ve done because of mom-brain.

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A Peek Inside Our Home

This post was sponsored by UHS Window Tinting and Blinds, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

You know when you’re driving at night, and you get a glimpse inside someone else’s home? Maybe you pass a house with blinds open and you can see inside to a dining room table, lit-up by a pretty light fixture hanging from the ceiling. Or maybe it’s a peek into a living room with comfy furniture and a throw blanket delicately draped over a chair. Maybe it’s a glimpse into a nursery, with a rocking chair in the corner next to a crib.

Whatever the scene, getting a peek inside someone else’s home always makes me feel warm in my heart. Thinking about the millions of families all over the world, snuggled up together inside their houses, living their lives, makes me smile.

Home is where the heart is. Home is family. Home is where your rump rests. Name that movie! (#disneynerd) I love our home, and I try to make it warm and inviting. Of course, these days, it’s usually trashed with kids toys. ‘Tis the season of life for that!

I’m the first to admit that I’m not great at decorating. (Or housework, but that’s another story.) I usually just buy what I like and hope it all fits together cohesively. I love lots of different styles and tend to stick to cooler colors. Lots of grays and blues! We’ve only been in this house two years, so I haven’t fully finished making each room look the way I want. I’m hoping that as the kids get older, I’ll be able to decorate more and actually finish some of the rooms.

I wanted to share a few pics with you of a couple of rooms in our home. I’d love to share a picture of every room, but most aren’t tidy enough to photograph, let alone post on the internet! (I’ll spare you the pics of the play room covered in toys and the bathroom that usually smells like toddler-pee, no matter how well I clean…) My kitchen is usually a wreck as well. As soon as I get the dishwasher filled up and started, another 10 dishes make their way into the sink. Same thing with the laundry room. With two kids, I doubt I’ll ever have all the laundry finished at once!

Anyway, enjoy this small peek inside our home!


Here’s our entry way. Since we usually come in through the garage, this space usually stays pretty clean. I love the floors and the light.

A Peek Inside Our Home | Home Tour | Sunshine and Holly |



The lighting is so different in all of these pictures, and makes the walls look weirdly pink. But almost every room in our house is a boring “builder-beige.” I’m more of a gray/off-white girl, so I’m hoping one day we can repaint.

A Peek Inside Our Home | Home Tour | Sunshine and Holly |


The table in this picture is actually an old sewing machine that once belonged to Josh’s Aunt. I love it so much! The kids are always playing with the drawers and the foot pedal. I’ve found so many toys inside of it while cleaning. The chair next to it is from a garage sale. I love the vintage feel of it!

A Peek Inside Our Home | Home Tour | Sunshine and Holly |


The gallery wall in my office. It needs more…something… Any suggestions? More pictures?

A Peek Inside Our Home | Home Tour | Sunshine and Holly |


The living room. It still needs a ton of work as far as decor goes! But it’s usually overflowing with toys, so decorating can wait until the kids are a little older.

A Peek Inside Our Home | Home Tour | Sunshine and Holly |


The mantle. We bought the painting while we were in Italy back in 2011. I’m not crazy about the frame, but it wasn’t cheap so we’ll live with it for a while. For Christmas, I fill those glass apothecary jars with Christmas ornaments, but I never know what to do with them the rest of the year. What would you fill them with?

A Peek Inside Our Home | Home Tour | Sunshine and Holly |


Our dining room table. It’s a floor model that was on sale at Pottery Barn. It’s actually a bit too large for our dining room, but at the price we got it for, it’ll do! I love the color and the bench seat.

A Peek Inside Our Home | Home Tour | Sunshine and Holly | A Peek Inside Our Home | Home Tour | Sunshine and Holly |


Our master bedroom. I love the flowers over the bed – they’re made out of sheet music! I’m also in love with the pink rug. The trunk at the foot of the bed was my great-grandma’s.

A Peek Inside Our Home | Home Tour | Sunshine and Holly | A Peek Inside Our Home | Home Tour | Sunshine and Holly | A Peek Inside Our Home | Home Tour | Sunshine and Holly |


One of my favorite things about our new house are the gorgeous wood floors. Just look at these beauties!

A Peek Inside Our Home | Home Tour | Sunshine and Holly |

I know I want to make sure we protect our wood floors and furniture, so they’ll last through the years. One thing I worried about in the beginning was the harsh sunlight that shines down onto the floors through the windows. Sunlight can fade, and eventually change the color of wooden floors and furniture. Luckily, we have some beautiful shades and blinds throughout the house that will protect our wooden elements. We’ve also thought about window tinting, which is basically a film that’s installed on the windows. This will not only protect your floor and furnishings, but also reduce your energy costs.

I found an Atlanta-based company called UHS Window Tinting and Blinds that installs window films and blinds on home in the metro area, and they look like they’re a great company! They’ve got a five-star rating with Kudzu, they’re the Panorama Dealer of the Year, they have an outstanding business growth from Panorama Film, and they’ve been members of the Panorama dealer council since 2008. Plus they have an A+ rating with the BBB, in addition to many other accolades! UHS Window Tinting and Blinds has been performing window tinting since 2003, and have over thirty total years of window tinting experience in Atlanta. So they know what they’re doing! If you’re ever interested in getting a quote, just head on over to their website and give them a call or fill out their quote form.

Hope you enjoyed getting a peek inside our home! What do you love about your home?

Southwestern Chicken Egg Roll Wraps

Who’s ready for Spring?

I’m so over the cold and gloomy weather. I’m ready for sunshine!

Are you looking for a warm and comforting recipe to get you through another cold day? I’ve got a great one! This recipe for Southwestern Chicken Egg Roll Wraps is perfect for gloomy winter days. It’s a family favorite in our house – not too spicy, but packed with flavor. It’s an old Southern Living recipe (so you know it’s good) that’s been perfected over the years by my sweet friend Lauren, who’s given me permission to share it with you guys. Thanks Lauren!

Southwestern Chicken Egg Roll Wraps | | comfort food casserole dinner recipe chicken ranch instant pot

I used my Instant-Pot to cook the chicken, but you can make this recipe even easier by using cooked rotisserie chicken. (If you do use rotisserie chicken, make sure to add a little water to the sauce since you won’t be rendering any juice from cooking the chicken.)

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That Time My Son Took a Salad Spinner to Preschool

Once upon a time, I only had one child. An easy child, at that. I had all the energy and time in the world to devote to this child. I was the best mom. (Or at least I thought I was!) I put my foot down when needed, I disciplined with care and with love. I never yelled. I never even raised my voice.

But then, one day, a sweet tiny baby girl came along, and my life was flipped upside down.

Transitioning from one kid to two rocked my world. My sweet, easy first child turned into a defiant, willful, difficult 2-year-old, and my adorable new baby hated sleeping. Like, hated it.

Fast forward to a year later. My first child was still testing me every minute of every day. My second child still didn’t like to sleep, and was starting to test her own limits. I was worn out, worn down, and scarcely alive. Each morning I pried my eyes open, willed my heavy body out of bed, and dived face first into mothering, treading along all day, without a break, feeling like I was just barely keeping my head above the water.

One morning, when Graham was 3 and Maddie was 1, I was rushing around, trying to get us all ready to leave the house. I frantically searched for clean socks, slapped together some pb&js , made sure we were all wearing shoes, and shoveled some breakfast into my kids’ mouths.

Picking Your Battles in Parenting and That Time My Son Took a Salad Spinner to Preschool | | motherhood humor

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