Guest Post: The Do’s and Don’ts of Family Portraits by Cait

You guys know I love taking pictures of my family. Today, I’m hosting Cait from Cait’s Cozy Corner and she’s got some great tips for taking family portraits. She also has a great recommendation for a local photographer right here in Atlanta!


Do's and Don'ts of Family Portraits |

As a kid, I hated taking family photos. I know, starting this post off pretty strong right? But of course, being little I just wanted to play and be with my friends. Looking back at all the milestones with our family photos, I’m so happy my family choose to take them years later. To see how my sister and I have grown and how our family unit has become stronger just made me realize how much I wanted to have the same fond memories and still-frames for my own family.

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My Initiation into Motherhood

Motherhood is one of those things in life that you’re just thrown into. Sure, you can read all the books, take all the classes, pin all the Pinterest pins. But you’re not really going to get it until that baby is out of your body and in your arms.

My Initiation into Motherhood |

I think most moms have that “oh-sh**” moment when they’re leaving the hospital. You’re marveling at your new baby, but also wondering how in the world are you supposed to keep this tiny, helpless human-being alive. It’s scary!

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A Mermaid Pirate Birthday Party

Mermaid Pirate Birthday Party | | themed joint party

Both of my kiddos were born in September, so we’re going to try to do joint parties for them for as long as possible. A two-for-one deal! For their last birthday, we did a Mermaid and Pirate theme. There are so many adorable ideas on Pinterest for a mermaid pirate birthday party and I went all out with the theme for the food and decorations!

Mermaid Pirate Birthday Party |

The invitations were made by PixelPerfectionParty. So cute!


Mermaid Pirate Birthday Party |

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5 Tips for Touring the Jack Daniel’s Distillery

If you’re a whiskey fan, you’ve got to take a trip to Lynchburg, Tennessee to visit the Jack Daniel’s Distillery.  Touring the distillery has always been on my husband’s bucket list, so on our way up to Nashville we had to stop by. The tour was super informative, and the whiskey tasting at the end was lots of fun!

Here are 5 tips for touring the Jack Daniels Distillery.

5 Tips for Touring the Jack Daniels Distillery |


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